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GREAT FALLS - "Kickstar" is coming to Great Falls once again.They are set to perform on Friday, March 27th at 9 p.m. at The Loading Zone. Band members Jimi and Dana Hughes stopped by Montana This Morning to showcase a song they will be performing Friday, and to talk about their musical influences. Based in Conrad, they describe Kickstar as "a hard rockin' trio from North Central Montana - playing both kinds of music: rock and roll. "They add: "We can tailor our play list to the crowd no matter what club or event we play.  Kickstar can be a hard rock band with a hint of heavy metal.  We can be a modern rock band with a splash of old time rock n' roll.  Or, we can  be a variety band, playing it all from the 60's through today's top hits."

Tickets are free for the event. For more details, call 727-5777.

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"Kickstar's four song demo can kick more than just the stars- the power behind their sound is incredible. 'You Will Be Mine' opens up with thick riffs and melodic vocals from Jeri 'Jugee' Fouhy on lead guitar and Dana 'Peaches' Kate fingering the bass. 'Perfect Girl' is a little softer and catchier. This one has a sing-along hook to it and the vocals are quite pretty. "Get Up and Run" is aptly titled; the song is upbeat and the best on here. Another chorus that sticks in your mind (gotta get up and run/while I still know how to fly). The band closes out with 'You Fail,' an 80's style power-rock anthem with appropriately harsh vocals. Kickstar is rough around the edges but it fits their leather wearing 'biker chick' persona. A well done demo from a headstrong band. "


"Without question, Kickstar's high-energy rock breaks all the girl rules. Powerful aggressive vocals, penetrating grooves and unbridled guitar spiked with flawless harmony brews a magical potion, inducing no less than a spiritual buzz. The girls' beliefs and take no bull attitude shine through the music, crafting a positive message without sacrificing their hard edge."We are about having fun, harming none and exploring the magic of the universe." All your senses will be ignited by their playful, provocative style. Bassist/vocalist Dana 'Peaches' Kate is a whirlwind in disguise, banging her head and twirling her flowing blonde mane. Jeri 'Jugee' Fouhy, guitarist/vocalist and maiden of seduction charms you with a theatrical rawness all her own. "Our intent is to rock you , to shock you, to make you think twice.""


“Twelve years after a move to the Hi-Line from the East Coast to escape urban life, the husband and wife team of Jimi and Dana Hughes continue rockin' with their band Kickstar. Kickstar offers audiences a mix of cover material and original music. A sampling of the trio's playlist includes hits from Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Heart, AC/DC, Godsmack, Twisted Sister, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Eagles and Beatles. "It's hard rock with an edge," Dana explains. "What we think makes us stand out from the crowd is we can play heavy riff-oriented music with clear vocals and harmony. There's still angst in the music but angst with a clear tongue and not in the tone." "We probably offer a more varied playlist than a lot of other bands," Dana muses. "We can satisfy a lot of different tastes and still not scare people away." The Montana incarnation of Kickstar has kept busy working two to three nights a month. Last year the band signed with the Oklahoma-based Tate Music Group.”


“Kickstar, a band that has performed in Cut Bank, recently released for mass production their first CD called Waiting for Discovery. Their genre of music is termed rock and roll, with, as Jimi said, “a bit of an edge to it. It isn’t heavy metal and it doesn’t fit into the pop genre. We sing more like classic rock or modern rock.” No matter the venue, they play good, classic rock with, “an edge to it.” Pick up their CD Waiting for Discovery and “discover” for yourself what Kickstar is all about. No doubt, you will find yourself tapping your toes, swaying to the music and wishing their second CD was available for purchase.”


"Their name Kickstar might have come about as an accident, but it is no accident that this band has gained popularity over the years playing a wonderful sound all their own and drawing in crowds of all ages. Kickstar... has been on the fast track of becoming one of the area's most popular and requested bands. ... You can come "rock" with Kickstar at the Lewis and Clark Festival and see for yourself why this band has become so popular, and why they were invited back for the fourth year in a row. You can check out some of Kickstar's songs and learn more about them on their website"

Linda Bruch - Cut Bank Pioneer Press *(print edition only)


“Power rock is the name of the game here. “You Will Be Mine,” a love song with a confident message, comes first; it features a massive wall of overdriven guitar sounds underneath Dana Hughes’s light yet robust voice. The slightly mysterious chords and screaming high notes contribute to the flavor.”


““Perfect Girl” has some Hughes ooh-oohs to start, as she sings harmony lead with herself. She then calls and answers herself on the lyric. This sparsely arranged piece is highlighted by zesty drums and guitar, and an intriguing chord structure on the hook.”


“Hughes shows off some influences (Pat Benatar and Joan Jett) with just the right wail to her voice on “Get Up and Run.” It’s fast moving with great slabs of guitar chords bubbling into the warped-out sound of electric guitar.”


“Tight rhythm and slappin’ drum work lead into a catchy hook on “You Fail.” “Ooh baby this ain’t for sale, this time you did me wrong, you fail,” Hughes vocalizes. This one is perfect for dancing in the street.”


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