So who are these freaks, you ask? 

Kickstar is a hard rockin' original/cover band new to the Willamette Valley area of Oregon. Founded in 1999, the band has worked their way from coast to coast. Their diverse playlist runs from the edge of metal to classic rock, peppered with blues.

Fronting the band on lead vocals, bass and acoustic guitar is Dana Hughes. She’s got a dynamic vocal range and can play the crap out of her 5-string, or sweetly strum her acoustic guitar.  

Her voice can do the same, giving you chills with her sweet melodies or growling out great covers of Pat Benetar or Joan Jett.  Oh, and if you touch her guitar without permission, watch out! She’ll kick you in the nuts. In the studio Dana plays bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic 6/12 string guitars,  piano, and drums. 

On guitar is Jimi Hughes, two guitar players in one.  He has extra fingers, so covering 2 guitar parts is his specialty, lol.

 Jimi can shred the hell outta his Les Paul, usually with his eyes closed all the while.  In the Studio Jimi plays electric guitar, acoustic 6/12 string guitars, ukulele, mandolin, djembe, bass guitar and piano.

If you get the chance to see Kickstar, don’t miss out. You won't be disappointed in their melodic originals with clear vocals and harmony, juxtaposed with driving crunchy guitars and thumping-til-you-feel-it kick drum. 

You Rock!