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Kickstar is a hard rockin' trio from North Central Montana.  We play both kinds of music: Rock and Roll.

Actually, we are more diverse than just Rock n' Roll.  We can tailor our play list to the crowd no matter what club or event we play.  Kickstar can be a hard rock band with a hint of heavy metal.  We can be a modern rock band with a splash of old time rock n' roll.  Or, we can  be a variety band, playing it all from the 60's through today's top hits.  We may even throw in a wee bit 'o country if you ask real nice and promise to dance and have fun so we don't get bored.  We can do a whole night of acoustic songs if that's what your little heart desires. We can play a couple sets of original material, or salt and pepper our sets with a kick-ass original song here and there. It's a matter of taste.

So who are these freaks, you ask?   Dana Hughes, a.k.a. . Peaches to her close friends, fronts the band on lead vocals and bass.  If you ask her how she got her nickname, she’ll just smile and blush.  She’s got a dynamic vocal range and can play the crap out of her 5-string Washburn, or sweetly strum her acoustic guitar.  Her voice can do the same, giving you chills with her sweet melodies or growling out great covers of Pat Benetar or Joan Jett.  Oh, and if you touch her guitar without permission, she’ll kick you in the nuts.

On guitar is Jimi Hughes, two guitar players in one.  He has extra fingers, so covering 2 guitar parts is his specialty.  If you didn’t see that there was only one guitar up there on stage, you’d swear there were 2 or more.  Jimi can shred the hell outta his Les Paul, with his eyes closed all the while.  This gets him in trouble though.  Once he was so engrossed in his eyes-closed solo during the song American Idiot that he didn’t see this drunk dude approaching the stage to use his mic. When he opened his eyes, dude was right in his face.  Without skipping a note, he raised his right hand toward the dude’s chest.  There were sparks and a flash of light.  The dude levitated and flew 15 feet, landing flat on his back.  The song went on.  The dude stumbled out of the bar, and was never to be seen again. No lie, it was awesome!

If you get the chance to see us, don’t miss out, you’ll love it.  People tell us all the time that they don't really get a good idea of our band until they actually see us perform, our energy is unbelievable!

If you hire us for a party or other private gig, you won't be disappointed.  We're the hardest working band around. We’ve got great equipment, three times more than your average 3 piece band.  We're available with stage lights, PA, Fog machine, and provide music between sets so there's never any downtime. We can handle outdoor gigs, festivals, or large indoor halls (No place is too small either!). 

For more information or to book the band, call four-0-six, 450-8218 or e mail us at



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