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So who are these freaks, you ask?  

Kickstar is a hard rockin' original/cover band new to the Willamette Valley area of Oregon. Founded in 1999, the band has worked their way from coast to coast. Their diverse playlist runs from the edge of metal to classic rock, peppered with blues.

Fronting the band on lead vocals, bass and acoustic guitar is Dana Hughes, a.k.a. . Peaches to her close friends.  If you ask her how she got her nickname, she’ll just smile and blush.  She’s got a dynamic vocal range and can play the crap out of her 5-string, or sweetly strum her acoustic guitar.  Her voice can do the same, giving you chills with her sweet melodies or growling out great covers of Pat Benetar or Joan Jett.  Oh, and if you touch her guitar without permission, watch out! She’ll kick you in the nuts.

On guitar is Jimi Hughes, two guitar players in one.  He has extra fingers, so covering 2 guitar parts is his specialty.  If you didn’t see that there was only one guitar up there on stage, you’d swear there were 2 or more.  Jimi can shred the hell outta his Les Paul, with his eyes closed all the while.  This gets him in trouble though.  Once he was so engrossed in his eyes-closed solo during a live performance that he didn’t see this drunk dude stumbling to the stage , grabbing for his mic. When Jimi opened his eyes, the dude was right in his face.  Without skipping a note, Jimi raised his right hand toward the dude’s chest.  There were sparks and a flash of light.  The dude levitated and flew back 15 feet, landing flat on his back! The song went on.  The dude eventually got up and staggered out of the bar, and was never to be seen again. No lie, it was awesome!

Kickstar has been on hiatus for the last year while moving from their prior location in North Central Montana to the Willamette Valley of Oregon. But don't worry! The songwriting continues and our immediate goal is recording a full length album.

Joining Kickstar on drums is Oregon’s own James Lathrom. Call us crazy, but we hooked up through his craigslist ad because we loved what we read and thoroughly appreciated his perspective. If the rest of our gigs turn out to be half as exciting as that impromptu 5 song jam turned 10 song jam at Shotzkis last January, we're all in for a heck of a ride! James is a heavy hitter with impeccable timing and fun to watch play.

If you get the chance to see Kickstar, don’t miss out. You won't be disappointed in their melodic originals with clear vocals and harmony, juxtaposed with driving crunchy guitars and thumping-til-you-feel-it kick drum. You Rock!). 

For more information or to book the band, call four-0-six, 450-8218 or e mail us at



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